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Poems for Aleksandra

A special site dedicated to someone who’s eyes shine bright, hair flow with the wind, lips sweet as the cherry and soul that spreads love energy.

To Aleks

Before I start with the poems, here is a pretty flower for you. This flower would keep changing with time. Every week when you will open this website, you will find something special for you. 

You are on my mind most of the times, and I will keep writing for you as a gesture, to let you know how deep you have penetrated in my soul.

From Pranav

Pretty as the flowers

She's pretty as the flowers
not like any other
fragnance she always showers
with her pretty smile always on her face
I could look at you
and spend countless days....

I opened my eyes at night
looking around in my sight
Gazing upon at the sky
found some beautiful stars
reminding me of your eyes
beautiful and shinning bright

Thoughts of your eyes

Child of nature

In fields of green, where wildflowers bloom
There danced a girl, a child of nature's loom
With barefoot steps upon the grassy ground
Her spirit soared, with laughter, like a joyful sound

For she knew deep within, nature held the key
To unlock the beauty within her, wild and free
So, she'd return each day, with gratitude's embrace
A girl forever grateful for nature's endless grace

Wild n Free